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Paris Award
Alligrator Pty Ltd from Australia was awarded at the World Quality Commitment Convention for its hard work and dedication with their innovation technology. The WQC International Star Award, granted by Business Initiative Directions, is a symbolic reward for corporate influence on the development of national economy, and for the vision and enthusiasm which let to business success.

It is with this idea in mind that the president of Business Initiative Directions, Jose E. Prieto stated at the convention: "With this award, we recognize those individuals who have most effectively connected their industries and institutions to the world." This award is not only focused on top management, but acknowledges the efforts of the employees as well, and provides a great motivational tool for improvement, proving that they are ready to meet the competitive challenges of the future. The awards ceremony took place in the Salons Concordes of the Palais des Congres of Paris. As one of the most prestigious convention halls in Paris, it embodies the essence of the WQC International Star Award, an elegance which exceeds expectations.

The WQC International Star Award presented by BID President Jose E. Prieto, is surpassed only by three other geographically restricted awards such as the Balridge in the US, the Demming in Japan, and the FEQM in Europe. The selection of the awardees is carried out on the basis of the QC100 Total Quality Management Model. This model consists of 100 principles for the areas of customer satisfaction: internal and external communication of the company as assets: benchmarking: information and analysis: human resources: decision making: systems and processes, business results, and leadership. The application of these principles of the TQM Model has put companies from 173 countries at the forefront of innovation and business development. It is with this idea in mind that Jose E. Prieto congratulated Mr Nick Watson CEO and Arthur Coert Managing Director of Alligrator Pty Ltd, on the winning of the WQC International Star Award as a company which strives for excellence and proves its capabilities through its accomplishments in innovative technology.





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